The house is an old barn built in 1847 and the walls are full of history. Wheter you are one person or eight, you get the entire house and garden for yourself. The house has everything you need. The garden has fresh fruits, herbs and berries, and the chickens will give you some eggs every day if you feed them.

Its a ten minute walk to the fjord if you want to go for å swim or go fishing. We will help you organize your holiday if you want to. We know places and activities no other tourist get information about.

Visit for information about (almost) all the attractions nearby.

Orheimstunet is the perfect place to stay when visiting the Norwegian fjords. The house has view over the Nordfjord and some of the biggest attractions in Norway are within 90 minutes by car in all directions. This is the place to stay when you want to relax, enjoy the nature,

  • Geirangerfjord 61km
  • Briksdal Glazier 90km
  • Loen 58km
  • Hoddevik 38km
  • Vågsøy 33km
  • Ålesund Airport: 74km
  • Bergen airport: 307km

Orheimstunet has contacts between Bergen and Ålesund, and we will be happy to help you plan your holiday in Norway.